David & Janice VanCronkhite

David VanCronkhite

David VanCronkhite has long been known as an encourager, provoker, forerunner, visionary, and dreamer. Now in his sixties, he speaks, lectures, writes, consults, advises, and gathers. A believer in people as well as in their own desire to find their true identity, he understands the struggle of getting free from the fear of man and man-made systems to become “human as God intended.”


David seeks a life lived in community and a neighborhood filled with diversity where individuals are valued for who they are and not what others think they should be. He has lived long enough to understand that spiritual life is, at its best, when individuals take time to sit at the table together with no cause or agenda but the sincerity of finding God within one another. He likes to express it this way: “If the Kingdom of God is anything –and it is everything – it is relational, supernaturally relational established, on a foundation of love.”


Like other spiritual seekers in the South during the 1960s and 1970s, David began his journey with Campus Crusade for Christ and the Southern Baptist denomination, and was heavily influenced by the Moral Majority.  But his unique story in the decades since has unfolded around his struggle to be set free from the institutions of man to discover the faithful and loving God who began teaching him the new values of love and faith. David became an ordained pastor of Vineyard Christian Fellowship and then Blood n Fire Church and Ministries, which he and his wife Janice founded in Atlanta’s inner city in 1991, resulting in churches and ministries established in 15 cities in 6 nations.


Today David leads The Agape Transformation, Inc. and FireCreek Mountain with the belief that agape – love – is the only thing that will transform communities, cities, regions and nations, one person at a time. FireCreek Mountain is a 58-acre retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where men and women with divergent voices come together and discover that relationships are far more vital to the mysteries of the Kingdom of God than separation over doctrinal differences.



Find out more about David & Janice at www.theagapetransformation.com & www.jvcartworks.com

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