Summit 2015


The Convergence Summit is an annual conference exclusively limited to churches, ministries and individuals that are connected relationally with Trinity Fellowship. Featured speakers for the Summit are some that we consider to be on the ‘edge’, spiritually, with what the Father is doing in the earth. Trinity Fellowship family members from twenty states and four nations have participated in the previous three years. This weeklong ‘family reunion’ has served to bring powerful momentum to the people and ministries attending.



Summit-2015 Mtns2.pngHello Convergence family! We’re very excited to announce the re-schedule of The Summit VI! A good number of you were planning to come in November but there were also many who could not due to holiday schedules and other commitments. We believe so much in what we were planning that we felt like a re-schedule was in order. You’ll quickly notice that we have shortened the duration of The Summit from six days to four. It’s a rare person (although we’ve had quite a few) that can be gone from their ministry and family for an entire week and we took that into consideration. We’ll also be reducing the cost of The Summit to $350, which, as you know, includes most meals. These changes, we believe, will enable more of you to be here.

I cannot begin to explain the importance of this Summit, except to say that it is going to give your ministry the momentum that you’ve been longing for! I highly encourage you to bring as many of your staff, leaders, people as possible as the more you can bring will just add to the thrust of your work.

This is, also in a sense, our Family Reunion! It’s the only time that our connected Family comes together and because of that it’s extremely important that you be here. There’s going to be some Big-Time impartation deposited here so make every provision to be with us!

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

-Andy Taylor

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