Life at the Next Level #172

Spiritual Growth #82

Spiritual Growth – The Holy Spirit


“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”        Eph 4:30-31


   The Holy Spirit lives in us to complete the work of the Father in us. The Bible says that, “He (the Holy Spirit) knows the things of God, yea the deep things of God.”  In talking about spiritual growth, one things is very clear to me; learning to appropriate all the benefits of the Holy Spirit should be high atop our list of things to do. He takes the things of the Father and gives them to us. So, just how do we receive the most of the Spirit’s existence in us? It starts with an awareness of His presence. Paul said it this way, “Know you not (Don’t you know) that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that the Spirit lives in you?”  The process of learning to appropriate His benefits start with learning to be sensitive to His voice, His touch and His other ways of gaining our attention. His presence is that of a ‘helper’. His mission is to bring us into the perfect will of the Father in all that we do. His long-range plan is to empower us to fulfill the destiny that the Father has ordained for us. It is about learning to be sensitive to His presence and then being obedient to those things that He places in our heart. The Holy Spirit is symbolized in the Bible as a dove and if you have ever noticed the nature of a dove, you’ve noticed that they are easily frightened away. This gives us a glimpse of the nature of His Spirit. He is easily grieved and offended by our worldly attitudes and our harsh words. When we continue to conduct ourselves in that manner we lose the ‘edge’ of His presence. He doesn’t leave us but He may withdraw the tangible evidence of His presence. We should make it a priority to learn the art of sensitivity toward the Holy Spirit so that we can receive the most of His presence.


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