Men's Jail Ministry




Ministry to those incarcerated is the focus
   of Freedom in God.
Extremely effective in nature, in the past year nearly 300
have given their lives to Jesus through ministry at
the Beckham County Jail, The Sayre Work Center (DOC)
and the Northfork Correctional Facility (Prison).

Women's Jail Ministry

SoaringDove-02-Logo.jpgThe Soaring Dove Women’s Jail Ministry of Trinity Fellowship is an  outreach to women in the Beckham County jail.  The ministry’s primary goal is to help incarcerated women be over comers through Jesus Christ.  The program is designed to build relationships through weekly fellowship, praise and worship, teaching and spiritual support.  A spirit of love, acceptance, and how much God values and has a plan for each individual woman is emphasized.


Soaring Dove aftercare program is intended to facilitate spiritual growth and reduce recidivism as women connect to the body of Christ through relationships, addiction recovery groups, bible studies, and church services.


The ministry needs women who have a call to become involved and have time to minister.  An orientation process and guidelines are in place for those who wish to be involved.  Please contact Jill Drake at (580) 928-5355 or if you are interested in helping.


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